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Ciao! Privet! We’re Edo and Nastya, thanks for stopping by! We are an Italian-Russian couple eager to see the entire world and share our experiences with you, hoping you’ll find them interesting, sometimes useful and funny and that they’ll inspire you to travel more!

Wanderlusting Souls in Maspalomas

When Nastya gets tired – Gran Canaria, Spain

Too often we hear our friends telling us: “Wow! How do you manage to travel so much?”, “Where do you find the money, did you rob a bank?”, “You’re always on vacation!”, “I wish I had the time to travel as much as you”. We’ve heard them all.

So, what’s the matter? We are not rich, and yet we manage to take several short and long trips during the year despite being fulltime students. Truth is, most of the times people already have the money and the time to travel, they just choose to prioritize other things in life, sometimes without even noticing.

Edo in Lanzarote - Wanderlusting Souls

Always looking for breathtaking landscapes – Lanzarote, Spain

We chose to travel, explore the planet and we try to do it as much as we can, no matter the difficulties we can find. We are absolutely sure, if you want to travel, you CAN do it, and whether it’s a quick weekend break from the daily grind or a long trip around the world, we will help you satisfy your wanderlust.

Besides, we cannot hold our experience inside, so here we are. On our blog, you will find reports from our trips with specific destination advice scattered here and there, as well as some generic travel tips and tricks to help you travel more, more easily and spending less money.

Nastya in Porto - Wanderlusting Souls

Chasing the warmth during a short winter break – Porto, Portugal

A couple of words about us: we are not native English speakers and you might have already noticed some strange words or non-English phrases. We talk like this in our daily life and some of these expressions manage to get in our posts (most of them are Italian because Edo doesn’t want have the time to learn Russian ☹).

Wanderlusting Souls in Venice

Sometimes (rarely) we manage to take a successful selfie – Venice, Italy

NASTYA: Edo is an Italian guy from Milano, the best place to live in Italy (according to him), and a globetrotter waaay bigger than me. Yes, he eats pasta every day. Yes, he cannot speak without waving his hands. Once, while trying to tell me a story, he spilled a whole glass of mulled vine on his jacket. Twice actually. In the same week. Unbelievable.

Black belt in judo and (almost) a nuclear engineering degree, no jokes. He arranges all the trips and thanks to him my life is full of amazing events. I like to think that I’m a kind of inspiration and without me he wouldn’t travel so much.

Edo at Sorapis Lake - Wanderlusting Souls

Feeling like an explorer – Sorapis Lake, Italy

EDO: Nastya is a Russian foodie born in a remote village in Siberia (actually it’s not really Siberia nor a village, more like a very small town between Saint Petersburg and the Ural Mountains, but I like to joke about it 😄) where temperatures in winter go down to a crazy -47 °C (why on Earth would someone want to build a village here, really?). And yet she’s the one who always complains when we go somewhere cold!

She’s a translation student, professional troublemaker, and is affected by topographical cretinism (believe it or not, that’s an actual condition). God bless Google Maps! Wherever we travel, she always finds interesting things to do, places to see and, most importantly, things to eat! She took my desire to travel and lifted it to new heights.

Nastya in Macugnaga - Wanderlusting Souls

Warming up with mulled wine on the Italian Alps – Macugnaga, Italy

Whether you’re a fellow wanderlusting soul looking for some inspiration for your next trip, or a travel newbie searching for some advice, you’ve come to the right place! And don’t forget to share your experiences with us leaving a comment, we would love to hear them!

Let’s explore the world together!

Edo & Nastya


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